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Xander James d(•_•)b

Music connoisseur, delivering a unique dance music experience... House dj & music producer; visionary, entrepreneur & humanist.

Colleagues describe him as the human dance music encyclopedia.

Driven by his passion for music - an obsession for timeless melodies - Xander loves connecting with people & emphasizes on serving up quality dance tunes.

His style is a unique blend of Tech House sounds; combining House & Techno music with Balearic beats, Afro-Latin grooves & Deep House melodies.

Xander James is music, sunsets & inspiration.

He has worked & performed with the likes of well-respected international artists, including: Ron Carroll, Julie McKnight, Marshall Jefferson, Andy Caldwell, The Groove Junkies, Robert Owens, Chris Samba, Andy Ward (Soul Central), Graham Lord (Audiowhores), Neil Pierce & more.

Xander is already making his mark with original productions & remixes... And the best is yet to come!

“Music is life, an expression of feelings & emotions... Beautiful music brings love, joy & happiness. I love music! Music is my life; I live for it and I create & play music so people can dance & have fun... 1 luv, peace & music-beats.” — XJ
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